Alumni responses will shape programs, communications

Posted on Jan 7, 2019 in Alumni News and News

2018 KU Alumni Survey | 2018 survey results

Survey says…

The Association regularly surveys members and non-members to determine how best to serve the Jayhawk community. After enlisting the help of a professional research firm, the Association in June sent an online survey to 130,000 alumni via email, and the results are in; here are a few key takeaways:


Age group of survey participantsMore than 7,100 alumni from all schools responded, with the highest number representing the College (36 percent). Fifty-one percent were current Association members and 16 percent lapsed members. Alumni participation spanned all age groups, and 92 percent of respondents had earned degrees.

The sample size provided a statistical reliability of +/-1.14 at a confidence level of 95 percent.


Members are more motivated by loyalty and pride, while non-members are more driven by connecting to other alumni. Seventy-six percent view Association membership as important to the University.


We asked members the most important benefits to their membership, and non members what benefits would interest them:

Top benefits from a KUAA membership

Communications, programs and services

Alumni view Kansas Alumni and email updates about news, events and programs highest in terms of importance and effectiveness. The majority of alumni across all age groups still prefer to read the magazine in print, while younger alumni also rely on digital formats via their computer or phone at higher rates. All age groups rely on email, while younger alumni rely less on the magazine and more on social media.

Alumni say the Association is most effective at strengthening the KU community by:
1. Promoting KU athletics
2. Promoting KU achievements and priorities
3. Celebrating and recognizing alumni achievements

In addition to providing feedback to the University about alumni perceptions, alumni felt it was most important for the Association to provide career assistance and mentoring opportunities for students, alumni and friends. The launch of the Jayhawk Career Network and KU Mentoring aim to address this demand and serve all alumni and students.

Among the Association’s network events, alumni are most likely to attend watch parties (60%) and live sports or entertainment events with fellow Jayhawks (56%).

Alumni Engagement

Eighty-eight percent said they were very satisfied with their KU academic experience, with 91 percent agreeing that students at KU had good school spirit. Alumni also indicated their sense of greatest sense of connection was to KU overall (38%), followed by their program of study (19%), their school or college (17%), fraternity or sorority (14%), and athletic team or club (12%).

Student engagement

Student engagement remains the best predictor of lifelong alumni engagement. Involved students are more likely to remain involved as alumni, especially those who participated in:

1. Student Alumni Network
2. Student government
3. Rock Chalk Revue
4. Greek organizations

Thank you to the more than 7,100 alumni who responded to the summer 2018 online survey. Rock Chalk!