3 reasons to move Provence with Flying Jayhawks to the top of your travel list

Posted on May 26, 2019 in Alumni News and News

Flying Jayhawks | Springtime in Provence

If you’re like me, your bucket list consists of many different places. After my most recent trip to Provence with Flying Jayhawks, I can share a few insights for travelers.

If you are a historian, artist and/or wine lover and Jayhawk, Provence should be your next adventure!

1. Wine!

A staple in this area of France, wine appears to be in unlimited supply. Vineyards stretch for miles, can be found on hillsides (where some of the most valuable wines come from) and all along the Rhone River.

Châteaus sit on hilltops offering breathtaking views, long family history and of course, excellent wine. Our group of Jayhawks was lucky to begin our seven-day adventure with visits to two chateaus.

First stop: Château de Rully.

Flying Jayhawks | Springtime in Provence

This castle has been kept in the same family since it was built in the 12th century!

Our private tour was led by Count de Ternay, a member of the family who owns the estate. After learning a little more about his family’s long history, our tour concluded with a welcomed wine tasting.

Second stop: Château de Montmelas en Beaujolais.

At another family-run chateau, we toured the grounds and learned of the family’s history, plus we got to enjoy a private piano concert. Of course, no tour is complete without a wine tasting!

Flying Jayhawks | Springtime in Provence

Even though these were our only two major stops for wine tastings, we certainly got our fill of great wine for the remainder of the trip!

2. The Roman Empire’s best work

I didn’t imagine that my time in France would take us to so many Roman landmarks. After all it does makes sense—the Roman influence was very strong throughout Europe and many structures that were built in France are still standing today. But don’t be fooled, these Roman landmarks and cities have their own French flair.

For example, traditional Roman temples now sit alongside modern artwork:

Flying Jayhawks | Springtime in Provence

The famous Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard is considered one of the most beautiful Roman constructions in the region:

Flying Jayhawks | Springtime in Provence

Roman amphitheaters still stand but are now surrounded by French homes and businesses:

Flying Jayhawks | Springtime in Provence

3. Picturesque countryside

The views are breathtaking, the churches are covered in intricate detail that tell Biblical stories, and the towns are patriotic. Provence offers all the best views, from atop the rolling hills and through the narrow streets.

Flying Jayhawks | Springtime in Provence

But don’t take my word for it—see the Flying Jayhawks adventure for yourself!

Flying Jayhawks | Springtime in Provence

The Flying Jayhawks trip “Springtime in Provence” was May 8-16, 2019. The trip was hosted by Crysta Moon, coordinator of marketing and business development. View more photos from the trip; pictures may be downloaded for personal use. Find more information about Flying Jayhawks trips, including a schedule, or sign up for travel emails.

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