KU Alumni App Frequently Asked Questions

KU Alumni Association app

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

The KU Alumni Association app, powered by Kansas Lottery, helps you keep KU in the palm of your hand! Available for Apple and Android devices, the app is free for all alumni, students, fans and friends.

Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to log in to the app, along with answers to frequently asked questions about the app. Got a question and don’t see it here? Email us at kualumni@kualumni.org.

How to register

Step 1:
In order for the app to recognize you and your correct membership information, you’ll need to register using the “Register” tile within the app.

KU Alumni app registration












Don’t see this tile? Try logging out:
KU Alumni app registrationimg_app_iphone_register3

Step 2:
Enter your first and last name as they appear in your profile or at the bottom of any KU Alumni Association email. Keep in mind that in order for the app to find you, you’ll need to enter your name as it appears in our database. Not sure how your name appears in our database? Check the bottom of any email from the KU Alumni Association. Next, tap “Find Me”

Step 3:

You should then see your name listed. Tap on your name.

Step 4:
Finally, the app will verify your information with your 10-digit Alumni ID. Your Alumni ID can be found in your profile, on your Kansas Alumni magazine sleeve or at the bottom of any KU Alumni Association email.


You should then be able to login to the app and see all of your correct membership information.

KU Alumni app registration













Will I have to login or register each time I use the app?

Nope! Once you register the app will remember you each time you open the app.

Why do I have to enter my 10-digit alumni ID?

Your Alumni ID is an extra security measure. For example, there may be two John Smiths living in Chicago, IL who graduated in 2001. Adding the Alumni ID verification make sure these two don’t get mixed up and confirms your identity.

I don’t see my name listed.

First, make sure you’re entering your name as it appears in your profile or at the bottom of any KU Alumni Association email. Nicknames won’t work, sorry Charlie! Most likely, we have your full or birth name in our database.

If you’re sure that you’re entering your name correctly, you may be new to our database. And that’s okay! In this case, go ahead and ‘Register’ on the “Let’s Find You” prompt, instead of trying to ‘Find Yourself’.

I bought or upgraded my KU Alumni Association membership through the app, but it is not reflected on my Member Card.

It typically takes 24-48 hours for new memberships to process. If you still don’t see your correct member status after two days, please contact us at kualumni@kualumni.org or 800-584-2957.