Kansas Honor Scholars

What is the difference between the Kansas Honors Program and the KU Honors Program?

There has been some confusion regarding the Kansas Honor Scholars program and the similarly named KU Honors Program. The Kansas Honor Scholars program recognizes the academic achievements of the top 10% of graduating Kansas high school seniors (regardless of where, and if, they plan to attend college). The KU Honors Program gives participating students access to special advising, priority enrollment and honors courses.

How are students selected?

Since the program’s inception in 1971, we had determined the top 10% using un-weighted GPA. Today most schools use weighted GPAs and many schools have a class rank in place. As of February 2009, in an effort to update the program, we started allowing each high school to select their academic top 10% based on the criteria they use to determine their best and brightest students.

Are there restrictions on who can attend as a guest and how many guests each student can bring?

There are no restrictions on who can attend as a guest. You may bring immediate family, cousins, friends, etc. There is not a limit on the number of guests who can attend.

If I cannot attend, will I still receive the medallion?

If you can’t attend a ceremony, you can either have someone who is attending a ceremony pick up a medallion on your behalf or you can pick one up during business hours (M-F, 8-5) from the KU Alumni Association’s office in Lawrence anytime during your senior year.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

If there is inclement weather in your area, our local volunteers will make a decision as to whether the program will be canceled. If you believe your program might be canceled, please call the KU Alumni Association at 785.864.4760 to confirm. At times the weather might be OK in your area, but not in Lawrence. Depending on a few factors, a canceled event may be rescheduled.

Is there a video or photographs of the program that I can view/purchase?

We do not record the programs or take professional photographs. We will sometimes take a few snapshots or have photographs sent to us, which we post on our website. We encourage you and your guests to take photos at the event.

Who can I contact regarding my special needs?

Please contact Michelle Lang, director of alumni programs at the KU Alumni Association, at michellem@kualumni.org or 785.864.4760 to make the necessary arrangements.

Will there be an article in my local newspaper about the program?

The KU Alumni Association works with the University of Kansas media relations staff to send press releases to your local newspaper. Each newspaper makes its own decisions regarding potential coverage of the event or publication of the scholars’ names. Please contact your local newspaper for more information.

What is the Woodward Scholarship and how do I apply?

Kansas Honor Scholars attending the University of Kansas are automatically considered for the Woodward Scholarship. It is NOT necessary to apply for the scholarship. You are automatically eligible if your application to the University of Kansas is received by the Office of Admissions by November 1. Two Kansas Honor Scholars will be selected to receive the award totaling $4,000 for each scholarship. This four-year stipend will be distributed in $500 installments for each semester at KU.

Are other scholarships available?

Additional scholarships may be available for Kansas Honor Scholars. A separate application is not necessary. All Kansas Honor Scholars who apply to the University of Kansas by November 1 will be considered for available scholarships.

How can I contribute to the Kansas Honor Scholars program?

If you would like to contribute, you may do so online here, or you may mail a check to the KU Alumni Association, Attn: Michelle Lang, 1266 Oread Ave, Lawrence, KS 66045. Please include the following information with your check: name(s), county (county you want the donation applied to), address, city, state, ZIP, email and amount of contribution.

Still have questions?

Please contact Michelle Lang, director of alumni programs at the KU Alumni Association, at michellem@kualumni.org or 785.864.4760 for any questions we haven’t answered for you. Thanks!

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