Canceled: JCN | Beyond Collaboration Overload: How to Work Smarter, Get Ahead, and Restore Your Well-Being

Do you feel you are “always-on,” continuously checking email, and working long hours? Most organizations have created always-on work contexts that burn people out and hurt performance rather than delivering productivity, innovation, and engagement. Collaborative work consumes 85% of employees’ time and is drifting earlier into the morning, later into the night, and deeper into the weekend.

Through in-depth stories and tools, bestselling author and leadership expert Rob Cross will show you how to break your work addiction and reclaim close to a day a week by:

– Identifying and challenging beliefs that lead us to jump into collaborative work too quickly

– Imposing structure in our work to shield from unproductive collaboration

– Altering behaviors to create efficiencies in collaborations

– Cultivating and then mobilizing a broad network – not a big one – for innovation and scale

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Date & Time

June 28, 2022
11:00 AM





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