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KU Mentoring

The mentoring networks at KU provide a forum for individuals to share their knowledge and life experiences with other Jayhawks.

KU Mentoring is coordinated by the KU Alumni Association in partnership with the School of Business, School of Engineering, School & Architecture & Design, and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. The program was rolled out to all KU alumni and students during the fall 2018 semester.




Who can use KU Mentoring?

KU Mentoring is open to students, alumni, faculty and staff, and friends of the University of Kansas. Professionals who are looking for opportunities to connect with KU and provide assistance to Jayhawks are also welcome.

Non-alumni mentors are welcome. If there is a known connection to the University of Kansas, requests to join will be approved. If there is not a known or visible connection, non-alumni mentors will be contacted for more information.

We accept mentors from all career and experience levels. Our program includes mentors in the local Lawrence/Kansas City area, across the region, and around the world.

We welcome e-mentoring over email, phone, video chat, text message, or social media.

KU Connect

KU Connect, also known as “flash mentoring” is a collection of alumni and professionals in the mentoring platform. Students can select the KU Connect tab to connect with individuals with relevant interests and experience.

This program allows mentors and mentees to meet for a one-time, 30-minute session via email or in person to discuss specific career and/or industry topics.


Long-term Mentoring Programs

Long-term mentoring programs are available for those who want to be matched with professionals with similar interests. The program is structured and consists of goals and milestones that have to be reached during a period of time.



Groups are spaces within KU Mentoring where individuals can discuss topics of interest either by industry, organization or affiliation. A group can be run by an administrator who is not a KU Alumni staff member, but who has a vested interest in making the group successful by posting content or actively engaging students and alumni within the group.

What you need to set up a group:

The group administrator should have a profile in the platform so they can be linked to the group. A representative from KU Alumni will also be in an administrative role to monitor activity. Students and alumni are welcome to be group administrators.

Group administrators will approve new group members, keep the discussion board flowing and on topic, and help recruit new members to the group.

KU Mentoring Resources


Discussion threads are available to registered users in the KU Mentoring platform. Questions can be posted by any member of the platform; however, questions may or may not be approved at the discretion of the platform’s administrator.

The discussion section is a great place to ask general questions. Recent examples include questions about a specific industry or employer, as well as general questions about how to interact with potential employers at a career fair.


Under the resources section of the KU Mentoring platform, users can find mentoring guides and other resources. The mentoring guides section includes documents to assist mentors, such as a mentorship worksheet, goals worksheets, and a mentor handbook.

The resources section contains helpful articles about setting goals and making the most of your mentorship.

To access the KU Mentoring resources, visit mentoring.ku.edu and click “Join Now.” Complete your online profile and then click on “Discussion” or “Resources” at the top of the page.



Get involved

It’s easy! Simply go to mentoring.ku.edu. Click the “Join Now” button and complete the online profile.

For questions about KU Mentoring or the Jayhawk Career Network, contact Howard Graham at howardgraham@kualumni.org.