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Jayhawks Give Back

KU alumna helps while healing

After a heart attack at 46, Angie Loving and her Jayhawk community had a common goal: giving back to each other. 

Loving, c’95, suffered a heart attack in November 2019 that put her on life support. Thanks to the quick work of doctors at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and the University of Kansas Health System, she is on the road to recovery.

“It is quite the miracle story since it wasn’t a heart attack many survive,” Loving said. “I had what was termed as the widowmaker heart attack and there were a number of complications involved. … However LMH and KU Hospital staff, my friends, family and KU family never gave up.”

Mike Rounds, Loving’s supervisor at KU’s Human Resources Management, called Chancellor Doug Girod to help arrange the move from Lawrence to KU’s hospital in Kansas City to aid her recovery.

Being a KU alumna and an employee for 19 years, I can’t tell you how much [my coworkers] all pulled together to help me in my moment of need

“Not only did executive administration reach out to get me a bed at the University of Kansas Hospital and the best critical care team available, but several coworkers took over my workload (which is heavy) without complaint for a full three months and have helped me with the accommodations I have needed returning back to work,” Loving said.

“Being a KU alumna and an employee for 19 years, I can’t tell you how much [my coworkers] all pulled together to help me in my moment of need. I received literally hundreds of cards, people posted notes on my office door which they would send pictures of to my family knowing how much they were supporting my fight.”

In lieu of food or flowers, Loving asked her friends to get their heart scanned. More than 80 people did so in Loving’s honor.

“If I could prevent [heart issues] for anyone or their family member that was critical for me,” Loving said. “Some did find out that they had heart disease or needed an immediate bypass.”

Loving continues to face medical complications from her recovery, but her coworkers have been supporting her every step of the way.

“During recovery, thoughtful accommodations have been made so I could return to work and become a productive contributor to the organization I love,” Loving said. “They have encouraged me, reminded me the art of patience, and have allowed me to grow, learn and return to the fabric of a community that truly cares and wants the very best for our organization and employees each day.”

Our new Jayhawks Give Back program celebrates ’Hawks who are making a difference in ways big and small. Each quarter, we’ll feature a member of the KU family and their story. If you know a Jayhawk who should be featured in Jayhawks Give Back, let us know!

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