Jayhawks for Higher Education: Feb. 12, 2016

House and Senate pass budgets; conference committee next

It has been a busy week in Topeka, and it is a good time to provide you an update on legislative activities affecting higher education. Lawmakers in both the Senate and the House passed their budgets, both of which include provisions that would affect the University of Kansas.

On Tuesday, Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little and other KU officials appeared before the House Appropriations and the Senate Ways and Means committees to discuss our Central District project. We appreciated the chance to answer questions from legislators about this project, which addresses immediate needs for updated science facilities and student space.

We also owe our thanks to members of the Kansas Board of Regents who expressed their support for our efforts to legislators this week.

The House passed its budget on Wednesday, which included an amendment that restricts how some funds can be spent on KU’s Lawrence campus. On Thursday, the Senate passed its own version of the budget that included a separate amendment that would prevent KU from making payments in support of the Central District project.

The budget process is far from over, and we are continuing to work with lawmakers as they proceed toward a conference committee to further refine their budgets.

We remain focused on encouraging legislators to provide stable funding for KU in a challenging fiscal environment, and we appreciate your ongoing support. We will continue to keep you informed as the session continues.

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Heath Peterson, d’04, g’09
President, KU Alumni Association