Jayhawks for Higher Education: Mar. 4, 2015

KU needs your help before Thursday’s committee meeting

Dear Jayhawk for Higher Education:

There has been a crucial development in the Kansas Legislature, and I am writing to ask for your immediate help.

Earlier today, the Senate Ways and Means Subcommittee on Education approved a recommendation by Chair Tom Arpke (R-Salina) taking $4.7 million from the Lawrence campus and redistributing it to KU Medical Center. This recommendation is harmful to KU students and the state of Kansas, and the university does not support it. Specifically:

• The recommendation does nothing to help KU as a university, and it actually harms students. This includes KU Medical Center students, more than half of whom do their undergraduate work in Lawrence.

• This recommendation undermines the Kansas Board of Regents, which is united in its opposition to this sort of redistribution.

• This recommendation represents an unprecedented intervention into the budgeting priorities of a single university — and specifically targets KU.

The action will be voted on by the full Senate Ways and Means Committee tomorrow morning — so we need your help now. Contact Ways and Means Committee members and tell them to oppose this redistribution and support the Governor’s budget. To help you, we have preloaded the committee members’ email addresses and a message for you to send from your email account by clicking here. Or if you’d like to call them, their phone numbers are listed here.

Remember, previous action by the Governor has already cut higher education 2 percent for the rest of the fiscal year — a $4.8 million cut for KU, including $2.7 million for the Lawrence campus. Additional cuts would increase the damage done to KU’s ability to serve students and the state.

Tomorrow’s action by Senate Ways and Means is a key moment in the budget-making process. Now is the time to act.

Again, thank you for your support.

Rock Chalk!

Kevin J. Corbett, c’88
President, KU Alumni Association