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Kansas Engineering Initiative passes

Kansas State Capitol | Jayhawks for Higher Education

Dear Jayhawk for Higher Education,

Thanks for your ongoing interest and advocacy regarding state funding for KU and other Regents universities. The Legislature adjourned last Friday for a three-week break before the wrap-up session begins May 3 in Topeka.

This is an excellent time to contact your local representative and senator to share the following messages:

1. Thank them for the Legislature’s passage of the renewed Kansas Engineering Initiative, which will provide $3.5 million annually for 10 years to the engineering schools at KU, Kansas State and Wichita State to continue expanding the number of new engineers for the state’s workforce. Since 2010, the three schools have dramatically increased their programs, including 76% growth at KU, where 536 graduates earned engineering bachelor’s degrees in 2019-’20.

2. Urge lawmakers to restore state funding for universities to last year’s appropriation levels. The initial budget passed last week makes important strides toward stable funding, but Governor Kelly has not yet signed the bill. Further budget deliberations will occur during the wrap-up session. KU faces a historic financial shortfall, and any decrease in state appropriations will necessitate additional painful cuts in essential academic programs and services for Kansans. These fact sheets provide details on KU’s vital statewide economic impact and the current budget challenges.

We appreciate your loyalty and advocacy.

Heath Peterson, d’04, g’09

President, KU Alumni Association

Jayhawks for Higher Education communicate the importance of the University and higher education to the Kansas Legislature. Alumni advocacy is a longstanding tradition of the KU Alumni Association as an independent nonprofit organization. Informed advocates help strengthen the University. To add your voice to Jayhawks for Higher Educations, sign up here.

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