Technical Specifications

Digital Files

All files must pass preflight screening as determined by our printer. File formats are listed in order of preference:

A press-quality Adobe Acrobat PDF file, saved at 350 dpi, sized at 100%, in CMYK (4-color process).  See notes under Color. Please DO NOT include crop marks or color bars. If you wish to specify crop placement, please send two files, one with crop marks for reference, and one without crop marks for print.

InDesign files work well because the PDF rendering features are geared for high resolution print. See notes under Bleeds and Marks.

TIFF file, sized at 100%. High resolution 350 dpi, in CMYK.  See note below under Color.

Live files, complete with images and fonts, may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, and can aid in trouble-shooting.

Bleeds and Marks

Include .125-inch bleeds on all full-page ads. Please note that the correct full-page size with bleeds is 8.75 by 11.125 inches. Our printer recommends confining copy to the “live” area (8 by 10 inches) and cannot guarantee that copy outside of this area will not be sliced. Please note that Kansas Alumni magazine prints on a web press, and trimming can vary more than it does on a sheet-fed press. The printer may reject ads with type outside the live area. See Ad Sizes for more information.

In InDesign, set “Bleeds and Marks” to .125 under “Document Setup” in InDesign. When rendering the PDF, under the “Bleeds and Marks” menu, turn OFF “All Printer’s Marks.” Leave bleeds ON:  Click on “Use document settings.”


All photos placed in ads need to be sized at 100% at 350 dpi on the layout. Enlarging photographs on the layout will reduce the resolution. Size as needed in Photoshop.


Please convert to CMYK and review color shifts before sending the file. Conversion from RGB color to CMYK color will cause a shift in color, since print colors (CMYK) do not closely relate to monitor colors (RGB). Please note that blue, and KU’s blue in particular, tends to turn purple. To remove magenta ink from just the color blue, and not the entire image, use this Photoshop function:  Image > Adjustments > Selective Color > Blue: remove a percentage of just magenta. Usually 12-15% corrects the color shift.

All pages of the magazine are produced in full color. (Grayscale ads are also converted to CMYK).

All colors must be converted to CMYK process. Colors identified by your program as “spot” must be converted.  Any graphic element or object imported from Illustrator must have colors converted in the swatch panel in Illustrator before importing into InDesign. Click on the swatch color and choose “cmyk” and “process color” from the swatch menu.

Please note that Pantone PMS 293 does not convert accurately when converted to CMYK. This color must be set manually. Check this color before submitting ads, because Pantone automatically reverts back to the incorrect formula each time Adobe releases an update. These are the correct KU CMYK formulas:

Please note that office color copiers/printers do not accurately portray the printed result. Every effort will be made to get the best reproduction possible.


All products featuring the Jayhawk must be approved by the KU licensing administrator. Please contact Paul Vander Tuig at 785.864.4650.

File Transfer

—Email digital files to Crysta Moon,, or use a file transfer service such as Dropbox.

Kansas Alumni magazine strives to meet the highest publishing standards, and every effort will be made to ensure the best quality. The publisher is not responsible for technical problems resulting from incorrect files.