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Homecoming Steering Committee Application

Do you bleed Crimson and Blue? If so, the Homecoming Steering Committee wants YOU!

Join the KU Alumni Association to plan a robust week of fun-filled festivities for 2023 Homecoming!

The Homecoming Steering Committee serves as the primary driver of the Homecoming experience, and its responsibilities are to plan an experience that enhances Jayhawk pride in the KU community near and far.

The committee is made up of ten volunteer positions that requires a great time commitment. These positions will work closely with the Homecoming Advisor, the KU Alumni Association’s Director of Student Programs.

This is a student leadership opportunity available to students who are searching to strengthen event planning skills, build and enrich KU traditions and are eager to get involved with the KU Alumni Association!

Leadership Positions

Leadership positions make up the Executive Board, which serves as the leadership for the Homecoming Steering Committee.

Executive board members meet tri-monthly during the summer term and bi-weekly during the academic year (fall and spring) for committee meetings and one-on-ones with the Homecoming Advisor.

Executive members may be assigned a co-chair position given interest. Executive members who have a co-chair are responsible for meeting with the co-chair once a month during the summer term and tri-monthly during the academic year (fall/spring).

The Homecoming Steering Committee Director is the official student spokesperson for Homecoming at KU. This position provides leadership and overall management of the steering committee while overseeing the outreach efforts to the general student body.

The Homecoming Steering Committee Director is a demanding volunteer position, requiring a significant time commitment, and the successful applicant will receive a $500 honorarium (taxable) at the conclusion of their duties.

The Awards Chair will be responsible for marketing and evaluating the annual Homecoming awards process, descriptions and recognition processes and banquet.

This position will work closely with the Director of Student Programs and will serve as the student representative on the Homecoming Awards Committee that will select recipients of the Ex.C.E.L., Alderdice, 1912 and H.O.P.E awards.

The Competitions Chair will be responsible for creating, planning, and overseeing the vision for the Homecoming competition for student organizations. This position’s main responsibilities will include working closely with the Programs Chair to gain an understanding of programs and events that students can compete for and will develop a competition strategy that is inclusive and equitable given the Homecoming Week festivities.

The Programs Chair will be responsible for creating, planning and executing a wide variety of events/programs to help promote Homecoming before Homecoming Week and daily throughout the week, incorporating the theme as much as possible.

This chair will also be responsible for creating and setting the Homecoming Week staffing for each event and program. This position will also oversee one co-chair position.

The Public Relations/Outreach Chair will be responsible for creating a comprehensive homecoming outreach plan that includes but not limited to: verbal communications, campus collaboration efforts, and distribution of all posters and other print materials around campus. This position will also oversee two co-chair positions.

Co-Chair Positions

Co-Chair positions report to the Executive Board positions within the Homecoming Steering Committee.

Co-Chairs will meet once a month during the summer term and tri-monthly during the academic year (fall/spring) with their respective Executive Board member.

The Awards Co-Chair is responsible for assisting the Awards Chair in creating the marketing plan, awards submission process and banquet. This position will play a role in visiting with different student organizations to share award opportunities offered throughout Homecoming and will work with campus departments and organizations to share these opportunities.

The Competitions Co-Chair will assist the Competition Chair with creating, evaluating, and executing the Homecoming competition for students and student organizations. This position will specifically work with campus departments to share this opportunity with students and will work closely with the Public Relations/Outreach Chair to reach different student populations to share program and event opportunities throughout the week that are a part of the Homecoming competition.

The Programs Co-Chair is responsible for assisting the Programs Chair in planning and executing a wide variety of events and programs.

This position will also assist with ensuring all supplies, prizes, and logistics are secured for each activity throughout the week including facility reservations, tables/chairs, etc.

The Public Relations/Outreach Co-Chairs are responsible for assisting the Public Relations/Outreach Chair in carrying out the Homecoming Outreach Plan. This position will also assist other chairs with all Homecoming events/activities including staffing events.

Application Timeline

  • Application Opens: April 19, 2023, at 8 a.m.
  • Application Closes: May 12, 2023, at 11:59 p.m
  • Committee Term Begins: May 22, 2023

Interested applicants will be asked to complete the following as part of the Homecoming Steering Committee application process:

Step 1: Read the information on this page

Make sure you understand the eligibility requirements, time commitment, and the position responsibilities. If you have any questions, please email

Step 2: Submit an application

The application process for the 2023 Homecoming Steering Committee includes submitting an online application by 11:59 p.m. CST on Friday, May 12, 2023.

The application contains short answer questions designed to get to know you and gauge your interest in the Homecoming Steering Committee. Please take adequate time to provide thoughtful answers.

If you need accommodations to apply for this opportunity, please contact Paige Freeman at

Step 3: Selection

After applications are closed, the selection committee will meet to decide the best team for our next steering committee. All applicants will be contacted once final decisions are made via email in May.

Ready? Let’s go! Complete the Homecoming Steering Committee application below.

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