A scary Homecoming coincidence

Posted on Oct 29, 2015 in Alumni News and News

The Lion, Tinman and the Scarecrow make their way down the parade route.

Last week we shared a post to address a frequently asked question we’ve received from alumni lately, namely What’s the deal with Homecoming on Halloween? The post included a seemingly random photo, probably pulled from the archives or scanned from a Jayhawker yearbook, depicting what we assumed was surely a previous Homecoming parade on Halloween.

Well, what we assumed to be an anonymous pic turned out to be a real find for the alumni pictured. Sarah Sneed Malone, j’91, contacted us the very next day, identifying herself as the Scarecrow and Deryck Malone, b’91, as the Tin Man. That’s right, you guessed it: they walked the yellow brick road all the way down the aisle and lived happily ever after. We’ll let Sarah tell the story.

I just had to drop a line and let you know that a story (or photo to be exact) on the Alumni Association website made my day. I received an email from a friend with the following link and started to laugh. My first thought was “where did they pull up that old relic of a photo?!?”

The photo is from the Homecoming Parade from 1988 or 89 (I think). I am the scarecrow, and my boyfriend at the time is the tin man. Ironically, the scarecrow & the tin man are now married and we just celebrated our 22nd anniversary in September. We’re also both Alumni Association members as well as season ticket holders for both football & basketball. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you gave us a good laugh and trip down memory lane.
Sarah Sneed Malone and Deryck Malone's wedding in September, 1993.

Unfortunately, neither Sarah nor Deryck could identify the cowardly lion, but another alumnus provided additional details and helped us pin down the date. Matt Hickam, c’89, contacted us with the following.

I know a little about the photo. It is from October 31, 1987. Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity (my fraternity) and Alpha Chi Omega sorority teamed up to make a float that year with a Wizard of Oz theme. The float had the Emerald City on it (made out of cardboard tubes), a poorly constructed witch and a yellow brick road with a Jayhawk, naturally.

He added one final note that still haunts us.

Coincidentally, the Jayhawk football team played Oklahoma that year on Halloween. Oklahoma won 71-10.

Here’s hoping for a great game this year and a wonderful Homecoming weekend for all alumni as we celebrate the “Ghosts of Jayhawks Past!” Visit www.homecoming.ku.edu for a full schedule of activities.

–David JohnstonDeryck and Sarah Malone at the KU vs. Texas Tech football game, Oct. 17, 2015

The middle and bottom photos were provided by Sarah Malone. The middle photo is from her wedding. The bottom photo was taken at Memorial Stadium on Oct. 17, when the Jayhawks faced Texas Tech.

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