Alumni Profile: Leonard W. Clark Jr.

Posted on Oct 3, 2013 in Alumni News and News

The Black Alumni Chapter’s e-newsletter regularly features profiles of interesting alumni and students. In the fall issue, get to know Leonard W. Clark, Jr., l’73. If you have suggestions for future alumni or student profiles, please email Click here to read the e-newsletter.

Leonard W. Clark Jr.What year did you graduate? 1973

What degree did you earn? Juris doctorate

Where is your hometown? I am from Lawrence. I graduated from Lawrence High School and I’m a proud Chesty Lion! Now I live in Wichita.

What is your current position? I’m still in the law business, but taking a hiatus from a 9-5. However, I’m ready to return to the work world! Among my activities are volunteer commitments, including delivering for Meals on Wheels and working at my church’s pantry.

What are the top three things you love about KU?
1. The campus
2. The many positive accomplishments of its faculty, staff, students, former students and alumni
3. The continuing association and friendships that have grown out of the Jayhawk experience

What did you like most about KU when you were a student? I liked that I would obtain my juris doctorate from a quality law school and university and I was part of a family tradition.

Where did you hang out when you were a student? Hang out? I didn’t hang out. My family and jobs occupied my time, and that’s not a complaint.

Why did you choose KU? It was and is a quality institution and has a quality law school, plus I knew that at some point I was going to be a Jayhawk. At an early age I was exposed to the culture of the University– not just athletics, but also fine arts, the museums, the University’s traditions and the Greek system. And, my grandfather was a lawyer and judge– and a Jayhawk. His name was John W. Clark and in 1896 he was the first black graduate of the University’s law school. As a KU graduate, he was followed by his daughter and me, the second family member to graduate from the law school More recently, my daughters Teresa and Laura have graduated from KU.

What do you think you will be doing in five years? I think I will be contemplating my retirement– the second one.

What advice would you give current KU students? You must constantly demonstrate that you have the tools to excel and perform at a high level. Further, pick a field that you have a real interest in and have a knack for– you’ll get paid.

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