April Fool’s Day 2016: Fooled again

Posted on Apr 2, 2016 in Alumni News and News

Once again, members found a special edition of our member e-newsletter in their inboxes on April 1. Last year’s gag convinced many alumni that the KU Alumni Association was revising its logo to replace the current smiling Jayhawk with the old 1941 Fighting Jayhawk. How did we top that joke this year?

This year’s version shared the exclusive plans for a second building next to the KU School of Business’ new Capitol Federal Hall, doubling the size of the school. Since the first building is shaped as a “K” when viewed from above, the new addition would be shaped as a “U,” naturally.

But we didn’t stop there.

April Fools Day 2016 E-newsletter

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We also informed alumni that graduating seniors would walk down the Hill this year to a new tune, the popular 90’s number “Graduation (Friends Forever),” and that a dazed and confused student was found walking around the McCollum Hall rubble after sleeping through last fall’s implosion. Other “news” included a proud member profile on Clark Kent, the self-proclaimed “superfan” of the Jayhawks and native of Smallville, and an Instagram feature on the Campanile.

We heard from many alumni that they fell for at least some of our jokes. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“I read the first one and said to my staff person, who went to KU, “Did you know the B-school is getting a 2nd building and they will spell ‘KU’ when it’s done?”. She said “are you sure that’s real?” and I immediately sighed and muttered a mild profanity.” —Chad

“You got me! I did not like that U addition at all and quickly emailed my husband so.” —Katie

“I took a break from busily preparing income tax returns to read todays newsletter. I hate to admit it – you had me going on the business school addition and I have an MBA from the KU School of Business! You also had me going on the Campanile one. Alas, the light finally came on with the McCollom one. Thanks for a good laugh!” —Janet

“What great news stories. As an architect I liked the idea of the new business school building, someone does need to work on that one. The McCollum Hall story did hit close to home as our daughter, now 32, could sleep through anything, did and still does, no joke. I’d wish you a Happy April Fools Day, but looks like you’re already having a great time. Enjoy.” —Leonard

“Genius! So awesome. What a great way of staying in front of members in a fun way.” —Aaron

We hope you enjoyed our special April Fool’s Day stories, and if our good-natured jokes caused any concern, we apologize!

—Debbi Johanning