Board chair encourages graduates to embrace alumni network

Posted on May 15, 2016 in News

Rick Putnam, KU Alumni Association national board chair
Rick Putnam, chair of the KU Alumni Association’s national board of directors, addressed graduates at the 2016 Commencement ceremony. Putnam, c’77, l’80, lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Read his remarks below, and click here to see photos from Commencement. 

Good morning and congratulations. It is a great day and one you will remember the rest of your lives. I appreciate the opportunity to speak to you for just a few minutes. I specifically want to acknowledge those on stage with me and, in particular, the Chancellor.  I have had the pleasure to meet with her over the past year on very important issues and want to thank her, on behalf of all KU alumni, for a job well done.

Think back, now, to the last event you attended where they put a stamp on your hand or maybe a bracelet on your wrist (perhaps on your way into the Hawk or the Wheel). It provided you admission to something big, something you were looking forward to. Today you receive a permanent stamp, one that will never wash away – admission to the outside world and for the rest of your lives a graduate of the University of Kansas. You are admitted, thus, to a very prestigious group. You have unlimited access to a powerful Jayhawk network of the best and brightest, and as an insider, an unending opportunity to build upon the relationships you established while here—and create new relationships with your fellow KU alumni.

So, you have the ticket, you have the stamp. We’ll make it even better. Each member of the class of 2016 will receive a gift—a one-year membership in the KU Alumni Association, provided with the help of KU Endowment. Your membership begins this weekend and includes a new KU Alumni Association app, which we hope you will download to receive all of your benefits.

Alumni Association membership will provide you an immediate and ongoing link to KU. You can accept it and do nothing and stand outside the arena; I suggest the better course is to walk in, embrace it and enjoy. Good luck and Rock Chalk.

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