Campanile limestone readies for ‘tune-up’

Posted on Feb 17, 2016 in Campus News and News

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Contractors on Wednesday began inspecting the 65-year-old Campanile for weakened pieces of exterior limestone. University Architect Jim Modig, a’73, says masonry specialists were called in when “gravel-sized” pieces of stone were discovered around the base of the 120-foot tower.

“What we wanted to do is get a bucket out there and inspect all the stonework, all the way up and down, just to see what’s going on,” Modig says. “Once they check everything out they’ll come back and tell us what needs to be done.”

Along with removing any obvious loose pieces, the workers are also “sounding” the limestone, listening for hollow spots that can indicate fractures.

“It’s the typical Kansas freeze-thaw weather and its impact on native limestone,” Modig says.

Inspections should last only a day or two. Barring an unexpectedly dire diagnosis, it is anticipated that repairs will be completed well before Commencement on May 15.

“It’s not a major project as we sense it right now,” Modig says. “We refer to it as something like a tune-up.”

—Chris Lazzarino

Photos by Dan Storey

KU Campanile |

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