Career tips: Salary negotiation

Posted on Oct 17, 2012 in Career/Life and News

One of the most awkward moments of a job interview can come when the topic of salary is first introduced. Whether interviewing for your first job after walking down the Hill or your fifth job 20+ years after graduation, the University Career Center (UCC) at KU offers tips and resources to help navigate the most treacherous job interview situations. For salary negotiations, our campus colleagues offer the following advice in the booklet Preparing for Job Interviews:

Let the company initiate salary discussions. Some experts suggest deferring salary discussions if they come up early in the interview process, but always be prepared by knowing the appropriate salary range. When asked for salary requirements, suggest to the recruiter that you would like to discuss this topic after exploring the nature of the position and your qualifications. If pressed, try to get the recruiter to state a range first: “I expect to earn a salary that is appropriate for my education and qualifications – what is the range that the company has in mind?”

To download the booklet Preparing for Job Interviews as a PDF, click here. For additional tips on how to prepare for interviews, check out the UCC’s online resource,