Connecting Jayhawks through New Student Orientation

Posted on Jun 28, 2012 in Campus News and News

We’ve enjoyed spending a lot of time this summer at the Kansas Union for New Student Orientation. The KU Alumni Association has sponsored the lunches and dinners for the approximately 10,000 students and parents who go through orientation. We also have provided Alumni Association bags for students to collect their materials from the day.

We’ve had the opportunity to tell new Jayhawks about the Student Alumni Association and the benefits it offers students. Our main message: Don’t wait until the second semester of your senior year to start networking. Get a head start on your post-graduation job search now by meeting as many students and alumni as you can. The SAA offers that through a variety of programs, including Dinner with a Dozen ‘Hawks, in which alumni from a particular field of study gather to meet and network with students.

KU alumni, many of whom were involved in SAA, also have spoken at these lunches and dinners, encouraging students to make the most of their time on campus. Most of the alumni have made it a point to say they wish they were in the new students’ shoes, starting their college experience over again because they enjoyed it so much.

“Students and parents have expressed great interest in the Student Alumni Association,” says Teri Harris, the Alumni Association’s assistant director for membership. “They are excited about the networking opportunities with alumni, career enhancement programs and the social activities we organize. Now they know there is an organization on campus that is here to help them build relationships and expand their contacts as they prepare for life after college.”

Below is a video we’ve shown students and their parents at these orientation events. To join the Student Alumni Association, please click here, or contact Teri Harris at 800.584.2957 or

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