Danny Anderson packs up his office, reflects on KU

Posted on Mar 27, 2015 in Campus News and News

Danny Anderson, dean of KU College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

After twenty-seven years at the University of Kansas, Danny Anderson is leaving KU to become president of Trinity University in San Antonio. The experience of packing up his office provided an opportunity for the former dean of KU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to reflect a little on his time upon Mt. Oread.

“With absolute clarity, I am excited and honored to become the president of Trinity University. At the same time, I have temporarily lived in a parallel emotional universe as I prepare to leave the University of Kansas.”

Sifting through presentations, papers and correspondence, Anderson, g’82, PhD’85, was allowed to take a journey frequently interrupted by a crossroads: what to shred, what to treasure and what to pass on? More often, as he shared in the College’s Learning Without Boundaries blog, his thoughts turned to the people who make KU such a special place.

“I am grateful to our graduates, our alumni. They safeguard our future. They honor our traditions. They commune with us. As dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences between 2010 and 2015, I have enjoyed the privilege of listening to their KU stories.”

In addition to teaching in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Anderson’s administrative posts during his time on campus included department chair, associate dean, vice provost for academic affairs and interim provost and executive vice chancellor. As dean of the College, he was oversaw the implementation of the new KU Core academic requirements for bachelors degrees, and he was instrumental in developing the Jayhawk Generations scholarship with KU alumni.

“Packing my office was a process of refining the substance of gratitude. As students, faculty, staff, retirees, and alumni, you have changed me, energized me, and educated me to make a difference in our world. I am grateful, I am honored, and I am a proud alumnus of the University of Kansas. When I unpack my office in San Antonio, these memories and gratitude will be welcome company. My parallel universes will again be one in focus, energy, creativity, and commitment as I begin a new role serving Trinity University.”

Universally popular among KU faculty, administrators, students and alumni alike, Anderson will be missed by many at the University of Kansas. The College reflected on Anderson’s years at KU through a series of tweets hashtagged with #hastaluegodanny,

“Twenty-seven years can feel like a long time,” he concluded. “At moments, they can also seem like the blink of an eye when you see them with your heart.”

–David Johnston

Read Danny Anderson’s full post at http://www.clasblog.dept.ku.edu/.

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