Show your Jayhawk pride with Facebook profile frames

Posted on Mar 9, 2018 in News

Facebook cover image | Facebook profile frames
We created several fun Facebook profile frames for Jayhawks to show their pride during March Madness—or anytime! A frame can be added to your current Facebook profile picture in just a few easy steps:

1. Log in to your Facebook account and then go to

2. You’ll see a list of suggested frames based on pages you like or the frame’s popularity. Search for “KU Alumni Association” in the search bar, and the four frames we created will pop up.

3. Click on a frame to select it. You may need to drag your profile picture around to reposition it. Or, resize it a little using the slider bar under the photo.

4. Once you have the image set the way you want it, choose how long you want the frame added to your photo. Then, click “use as profile picture.”

Voila! Now you can show off your status as a #ProudMember, KU alumnus or diehard Jayhawk fan to all your Facebook friends.

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