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Posted on Apr 5, 2013 in Alumni News and News

Annie Tedesco, c’01, plays the lead in a new television series premiering April 7 on BYUtv. “Granite Flats” is a family-friendly, eight-episode Cold War suspense drama that tells the story of single mother Beth Milligan (Tedesco) and her young son, Arthur, as they rebuild their lives in a new town after the death of Arthur’s Air Force father.

Annie Tedesco | www.kualumni.orgShortly after their arrival in Granite Flats, Colo., curious events (such as the appearance of strange metal objects around town) lead them to question whether space invaders or current political tensions could be to blame.

“I get to play a nurse in the 1960s when it was exciting to be involved in science because a lot was happening,” Tedesco says. “I also get to be a mom in the ’60s, which was just kind of a ripe time of social change.”

“Granite Flats” is based on actual, little-known U.S. military intelligence events and touches on the neuroses of the Cold War era while accurately portraying some of the memorable aspects of the early ‘60s: the cars, the fashions, and “duck and cover” drills in classrooms.

“BYU does such a good job of being really specific about the set and the hair and the makeup. They really want it to be of that era,” Tedesco says.   “It was surreal the first time walking onto the set of the hospital. I mean, the IV bags were actually glass,” Tedesco says.   And then there’s the hair: “It’s pretty funny. I can’t imagine. Those women spent hours in the ’60s doing their hair.”

Tedesco no doubt got the acting bug from her father, John Gronbeck-Tedesco, KU theatre professor and graduate director of the department of theatre and film. She is a member of the famed LA-based improv group, the Groundlings, a voice for the CW network, and has appeared on several  TV shows, including “Modern Family,” “Dexter,” “Bones” and “The Mentalist.”  She also recently shot commercials for Daisy Sour Cream and Ace Hardware.

Granite Flats | www.kualumni.orgBased on our glimpse of “Granite Flats,” Tedesco has just hitched a ride–a sweet, three on the tree, ‘60s ride–to bigger and better roles. “I’m lucky I was a good driver’s ed student,” she says.

We look forward to seeing more.

–Lydia Benda

Stream the show live on April 7 at http://www.byutv.org/.

Check out the trailer here.

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