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Posted on Aug 9, 2016 in Alumni News and News

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Putting together an entire magazine devoted to food and drink has been great fun for us at Kansas Alumni, and we’ve heard (through the grapevine, mostly) that our look at cuisines past, present and future in issue No. 4 has been a big hit with readers as well. We’d love to hear that feedback directly from you: If a story from the current issue jogged a food memory or whetted your appetite for more culinary adventure, email us a note at

Of course, culinary topics have long been an abiding interest of ours. The adventure, passion and life’s work that food so often inspires seems to produce a cornucopia of fascinating characters and tasty storylines, which we’ve happily celebrated in our pages over the years. Here are a few of our food favorites from issues past. Enjoy!


“Brew Master” by Steve Hill (Issue No. 2, 2010)

The craftsman behind Kansas City’s hometown beer honed his eye for artistry on the Boulevard in Lawrence.

Profile: Michael Bauer, by Tom King (Issue No. 4, 2012)

San Fran diners rely on Bauer’s refined tastes.

“Holy Cow!” by Chris Lazzarino (Issue No. 4, 2002)

Bill Bunyan’s drive through Kansas is a (medium) rare feat.

“It’s All Good” by Chris Lazzarino (Issue No. 4, 2007)

Cook it, study it, sauce it, smoke it, grill it, have a contest over it and make new friends with it; just don’t forget to eat the savory sensation of the new American summer, barbecue.

Profile: Brent Joseph, by Jennifer Jackson Sanner (Issue No. 4, 2009)

Pride in family, hometown adds zest to business.

“The Tater-Mater Man” by Steve Hill (Issue No. 4, 2013)

Tom Wagner earned his stripes the old-fashioned way—by cultivating a lifelong fascination with the art and science of plant breeding.

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