Future Jayhawk sold on KU

Posted on Sep 29, 2015 in News

Future Jayhawk“Dad, I am going to KU when I go to college!” this young Future Jayhawk told his father.

Dad shared more of the morning conversation with us:

“He was so cute this morning, he already had his school binder decorated with the Jayhawk stickers and the button, and he wanted to know where his Baby Jay birthday card was. As you can see, it is now part of the Jayhawk decorations on his school binder.”

Members of the Future Jayhawks program receive age-appropriate gifts each year when they join, along with a special birthday card and gift and other activities, announcements and surprise gifts throughout the year. A popular perk of membership is participating in the annual Summer Reading Challenge, where Future Jayhawks are encouraged to read 31 books or 31 hours in 31 days during the month of July.

We suspect this youngster will have a lot more fun studying for his classes with his stylish Jayhawk binder in tow!

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