Hashie arrives at the University of Kansas

Posted on Jul 23, 2014 in Alumni News, Campus News, and News

Hashie has arrived!

You’re probably asking, “Who’s Hashie?” That’s a great question.

At the KU Alumni Association, we partner with iModules, a company in Overland Park that provides some of our online services, including our online directory. All those pretty emails you receive from us? We create and send those using iModules’ email marketing platform.

Every summer, iModules hosts an annual conference for their clients. It’s appropriately called “Sizzler,” which is either a reference to the typically hot, steamy Kansas weather in late July or the hot topics covered at the conference. At last year’s conference, a giant cutout of the #Sizzler hashtag was featured prominently at the front of the ballroom—until it mysteriously disappeared one night.

Pictures of the missing hashtag started popping up on Twitter and Instagram, and it soon became clear that conference attendees had kidnapped “Hashie” and taken him on a tour of Kansas City.

This year, iModules embraced the idea and created the Hashie roadshow. The hashtag has been shipped to places like the University of San Diego, Creighton University and the University of Virginia all summer, and the goal is for clients to take pictures with Hashie that show off their offices, campuses and cities in all their glory. The pictures are posted on social media networks and hashtagged with #tourdehashie and #sizzler14, and then they’re aggregated on a Tagboard.

Now for the million-dollar question: why should you care?

Hashie is visiting our office for the next few days, leading up the start of the Sizzler conference on Sunday. Over the next four days, we’ll be sharing pictures of Hashie at the Adams Alumni Center, at iconic locations on the KU campus and in some of your favorite places in Lawrence.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for KU and Lawrence, be sure to check out the Tagboard and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see some of our favorite places on the Hill and in our community!

Adams Alumni Center

"Boots" Adams and HashieJayhawk and Hashie

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