Jayhawks for Higher Education: Please urge lawmakers to protect the higher education budget

Posted on Feb 12, 2021 in News

State Capitol in Topeka, Kansas

Dear Jayhawks for Higher Education,

On Monday Chancellor Doug Girod presented testimony to the Senate Ways and Means Higher Education Subcommittee and the House Higher Education Budget Committee. He highlighted KU’s vital mission and the many ways in which KU provides economic growth for Kansas. He also discussed the financial strains created by the pandemic, and he outlined the impact of the state’s disinvestment in higher education: tuition paid by students and their families now contributes more to KU’s basic operational funding than state appropriations.

KU and the Regents universities are asking the Legislature to maintain stable higher education appropriations. Any further decrease will force reductions in vital programs and services for Kansans.

I hope you will review the chancellor’s presentation and reach out to lawmakers who will play key roles in budget discussions. Their names and contact information appear below.

As KU and higher education face unprecedented challenges, your advocacy is critically important. For additional details about KU’s impact on the economy and the current budget shortfall, you can review these fact sheets.

Thank you for your continuing dedication.

Rock Chalk,

Heath Peterson, d’04, g’09
President, KU Alumni Association

The Senate Way and Means Committee members are:

Sen. Richard Billinger, R-Goodland, Chair, Rick.Billinger@senate.ks.gov
Sen. J.R. Claeys, R-Salina, Vice Chair, JRClaeys@senate.ks.gov
Sen. Renee Erickson, R-Wichita, Renee.Erickson@senate.ks.gov
Sen. Michael Fagg, R-El Dorado, Michael.Fagg@senate.ks.gov
Sen. Tom Hawk, D-Manhattan, Tom.Hawk@senate.ks.gov
Sen. Dan Kerschen,  R-Garden Plain, Dan.Kerschen@senate.ks.gov
Sen. Carolyn McGinn,  R-Sedgwick, Carolyn.McGinn@senate.ks.gov  
Sen. Pat Pettey,  D-Kansas City, Pat.Pettey@senate.ks.gov
Sen. Gene Suellentrop,  R-Wichita, Gene.Suellentrop@senate.ks.gov

The House Appropriations Committee members are:

Rep. Troy Waymaster, Chair, R-Bunker Hill, troy.waymaster@house.ks.gov
Rep. Kyle Hoffman, Vice Chair, R-Coldwater,  kyle.hoffman@house.ks.gov
Rep. John Alcala, D-Topeka,  john.alcala@house.ks.gov
Rep. Barbara Ballard, D-Lawrence, barbara.ballard@house.ks.gov
Rep. Tom Burroughs, D-Kansas City, tom.burroughs@house.ks.gov
Rep. Sydney Carlin, D-Manhattan, sydney.carlin@house.ks.gov
Rep. Will Carpenter, R-El Dorado, Will.Carpenter@house.ks.gov
Rep. Susan Concannon, R-Beloit,  susan.concannon@house.ks.gov
Rep. Ken Corbet, R-Topeka, ken.corbet@house.ks.gov
Rep. Susan Estes, R-Wichita,  susan.estes@house.ks.gov 
Rep. Shannon Francis, R-Liberal, shannon.francis@house.ks.gov
Rep. Henry Helgerson, D-Eastborough, henry.helgerson@house.ks.gov
Rep. Susan Humphries, R-Wichita, Susan.Humphries@house.ks.gov
Rep. Steve Johnson, R-Assaria, steven.johnson@house.ks.gov
Rep. Brenda Landwehr, R-Wichita, brenda.landwehr@house.ks.gov
Rep. Stephen Owens, R-Hesston, Stephen.Owens@house.ks.gov
Rep. Brett Parker, D-Overland Park, Brett.Parker@house.ks.gov
Rep. Richard Proehl, R-Parsons,  richard.proehl@house.ks.gov
Rep. Ken Rahjes, R-Agra, ken.rahjes@house.ks.gov
Rep. William Sutton, R-Gardner,  bill.sutton@house.ks.gov
Rep. Sean Tarwater, R-Stilwell, Sean.Tarwater@house.ks.gov
Rep. Kristey Williams, R-Augusta, kristey.williams@house.ks.gov
Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore, D-Kansas City, kathy.wolfemoore@house.ks.gov

Jayhawks for Higher Education communicate the importance of the University and higher education to the Kansas Legislature. Alumni advocacy is a longstanding tradition of the KU Alumni Association as an independent nonprofit organization. Informed advocates help strengthen the University. To add your voice to Jayhawks for Higher Educations, sign up here.