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Posted on Feb 26, 2019 in Career/Life and News

KU Mentoring | PeopleGrove

Our partners at PeopleGrove featured an article about KU Mentoring on their blog. KU Mentoring, hosted on PeopleGrove’s platform, is a key feature of the Jayhawk Career Network. The Jayhawk Career Network provides a central hub to coordinate career connections and networking opportunities for students and alumni at every life stage. The mentoring program helps Jayhawks make connections and get the answers they need to help their careers move forward. Read an excerpt of the article below. 

Alumni associations often gravitate toward sporting events and happy hours as popular tools to connect with alumni. Graduates have come to expect these events as the bread and butter of traditional alumni engagement strategies. However, data shows that these events no longer guarantee that schools will maintain satisfied alumni communities.

Alumni are looking for tangible benefits from alumni associations beyond social events. This shift requires new tools and approaches to alumni support.

Seeking career development services

Case in point, Kansas University Alumni Association surveyed its 43,000 alumni members and found that career-related services ranked as the most important benefit alumni desired from the association. Specifically, 76% of KU alumni mentioned that accessing career assistance was a very important benefit of their membership while only 42% ranked KU as offering effective career services to alumni.

Although the Association had offered professional networking receptions and alumni panel discussions, consistent survey results revealed that alumni still craved more career activities and resources. In addition, when alumni tried to access career support from the university, they struggled to navigate the decentralized services offered across campus through different departments.

Kristi Laclé, assistant vice president of the Jayhawk Career Network, explained, “We’d sent out several surveys [to alumni] and found that the career services umbrella was always a sticking point with our alumni.”

Read more about how KU Mentoring has helped benefit students, alumni, and the University of Kansas.

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