KU alumnus and Vatican expert covers pope’s resignation

Posted on Feb 12, 2013 in Alumni News and News

Following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, a KU alumnus is among the leading Vatican experts reporting the story of the pope’s influence on the Catholic Church and the election of his successor. John Allen Jr., g’92, is senior Vatican analyst for CNN and senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter (NCR). From Rome, Allen writes a column, “All Things Catholic,” for the Kansas City-based NCR.

Kansas Alumni magazine profiled Allen, a native of Hays, in issue 4, 2006. He has written seven books on the Catholic Church, including two on Pope Benedict, who was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before his election in 2005 to succeed Pope John Paul II. Allen’s first book, Cardinal Ratzinger: The Vatican’s Enforcer of the Faith, was published in 1999. Then, only two months after the cardinal became pope in 2005, Doubleday published Allen’s The Rise of Benedict XVI.

John AllenAllen began writing for the NCR in 1997 and quickly rose to international prominence as a respected authority on the Vatican. As Kansas Alumni reported, Newsweek magazine called him “one of the most influential men in Rome.” In his preface to The Rise of Benedict XVI, Allen described the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican as “the best beat in journalism. It combines ritual, mystery, and romance with the deepest concerns of human life and religious faith and the real-world impact of a major global institution.”

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