KU Info booth revamped; ribbon cutting set for Saturday

Posted on Sep 23, 2014 in Campus News and News

This weekend, alumni, friends and KU Info superstars are invited to help celebrate the new KU Info booth on Jayhawk Boulevard. A ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for noon on Saturday, three hours before kickoff of the Homecoming football game.  Learn more about the new booth in this post submitted by Curtis Marsh, j’92, director of KU Info. 

KU Info booth from the 1960sKU students today are used to a continuous stream of crimson and blue buses that transport them to all reaches of Lawrence. In the 1950’s, just three decades after the electric trolley stopped running between campus and Massachusetts Street, there were buses on Jayhawk Blvd, but very few.

There was a bus stop on Jayhawk Boulevard, just south of Bailey Hall, built with funds from a gift of the class of 1950. Students could take shelter from the elements and wait for the occasional public transport. It included a small building that was rarely used. Research has only uncovered one example of its regular use, and that was in the volatile early 70’s when campus law enforcement committed to staffing the booth in the early evenings.

This small shelter fell into disrepair after decades of non-use. In the mid 2000’s, a group proposed refurbishing the booth to provide walk-up service for KU Info. The booth got a facelift, and from 2010 to spring 2014, students could get all their questions answered from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday.

(The photo above right is from the 1960’s. The photo below was taken during the summer of 2014.)

KU Info Booth construction on Jayhawk Boulevard

But last summer, the booth had to be taken down in preparation for the second phase of the Jayhawk Boulevard reconstruction project. Because the structure was a class gift, and because it had been rejuvenated as a campus information desk, the decision was made to rebuild it just a few yards to the southwest of its original location.

The campus master plan dictated that the booth be further away from the street to increase safety for pedestrians. The structure was also moved closer to Wescoe Hall to better position it as a bus stop.

It represents a contemporary version of a classic campus structure and will still host KU Info staff during regular class times. KU Info itself is a contemporary version of a classic campus service, so it is a perfect marriage of the two.

—Curtis Marsh, j’92, director of KU Info

The photos below were taken on Tuesday, Sept. 23, and show the current state of construction on the booth.

KU Info Booth construction on Jayhawk Boulevard

KU Info Booth construction on Jayhawk Boulevard

KU Info Booth construction on Jayhawk Boulevard

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