KU Valentine round up

Posted on Feb 14, 2013 in Campus News and News

The KU community certainly loves Valentine’s Day!

We enjoyed checking out the Valentine greetings from around the university today. Here’s a round up of the holiday messages we found.

KU Endowment asked current students “what do you love about being a Jayhawk?” They snapped pictures of the students, who were holding red hearts on which they’d written something they love about KU, near campus landmarks and compiled them into a Flickr set. Click here to see a slideshow.

KU History, a great web resource for anything you need to know about the university’s history, shared a cute image of James and Maude Naismith, circa 1927. James is holding a peach basket, and Maude is holding a ball. The headline reads “Love is a team sport.” Click here to see the photo on their Facebook page.

KU cheerleaders showed off their flexibility by stunting to create a heart. They posted the photo to their Instagram account. Click here to see it.

The KU School of Engineering folks shared some engineering-humor-themed Valentine cards on their Facebook page yesterday. An example: “You send me over the moon,” with a picture of an astronaut.   Click here to see the photo.

The Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies shared a clever image featuring historical figures with Valentine twists on their names. An example: “Quit Stalin, be my valentine.” Click here to see the photo montage.

KU Parking made the not-so-fun topic of parking a little more fun and shared several Valentine cards that also subtly encouraged people to follow parking rules. Click here to see a funny one about parking permits, and click here for another one involving speeding tickets. And, they have a third one with parking-related candy hearts here.

KU Athletics posted a cute Valentine photo of Big Jay and Baby Jay posing in front of the famous “love” garage door on Mississippi Street. Click here to see it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jayhawks!

Who did we miss? Email us at share@kualumni.org to let us know.

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