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Posted on May 6, 2013 in Alumni News and News

Joey Stallman, c’12, found a unique way to hold onto his college memories without a giant pile of memorabilia taking up space in his house: a quilt and pillows made from T-shirts he collected as a student, representing activities and organizations that tell his KU story.

Kansas Jayhawks KU T-shirt pillow | www.kualumni.orgPerhaps even more impressive? Stallman made the quilt himself, even though he’d never used a sewing machine before. “I looked into it online, and there are companies that will make your old shirts into quilts for hundreds of dollars, so I decided to pursue the cheaper option,” he said. “I knew I would appreciate the final product more because it was made by me.”

He borrowed a sewing machine from his coworker, Shawna Huffman, d’99, and got to work. The shirts represent KU Dance Marathon, Delta Lambda Phi fraternity, Student Senate, the KU Bookstore, Student Alumni Association, Student Alumni Leadership Board and the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy. He also included the Class of 2012 T-shirts he received at freshman orientation and at graduation.

Stallman said his most memorable T-shirts are from the KU Dance Marathon, and he included every shirt he had from the organization. He joined the organization as a sophomore who had no experience with the group, and by the time he was a senior his world revolved around the kids and Dance Marathon.

He also included the first and last shirts he received as a member of SAA— it was called Tradition Keepers his freshman year– as the focal point of the quilt, since it was the first organization he joined at KU. “In designing the layout,” he said, ” I thought having the ‘Tradition Starts Here’ logo with every other shirt stemming out from it would kind of tell the story of my time here, my rendition of the tradition that is KU.”

Kansas Jayhawks KU T-shirt quilt |

Joey is originally from Hutchinson, Kan., and graduated with a degree in linguistics. He currently works at the Douglas County Dental Clinic as an assistant and is working on prerequisites to attend dental hygiene school in fall 2014. He has had multiple people request that he teach them how to make a quilt, and he’s already begun work on a second quilt. Photos used with permission.

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