Meet the Admissions Rep: Paige Gugat

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 in Alumni News and News

Alumni play an important role in helping to recruit new students to the University of Kansas, and the KU Alumni Association works closely with the KU Office of Admissions in these efforts. Each year, the Office of Admissions staffs recruiters to represent KU throughout the state of Kansas an in key territories across the country. We asked each of the admissions reps to share a little information with us so alumni can get to know them.

Today’s post features Paige Gugat, j’07. Paige is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative and helps recruit students from the eastern states of Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

img_news_admissions_paigeWhat is your fondest memory of your time at KU?
I loved being on campus during March Madness. Everybody is in such a great mood and the anticipation of the tournament is intoxicating.

What clubs, organizations or traditions did you participate in as a student?
I participated in Greek Life and was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. I also participated in the French Club which met weekly at Henry’s downtown.

Name one class you think every KU student should take and why.
Journalism 101- Media and Society is the course I would suggest for all students. The class teaches you how to become a very precise writer. To this day, when I review a document for work I still think of the writing rules I learned in this course.

When did you know you loved KU?
My older sister went to KU when I was 13 years old. The first time I visited her I fell in love with Lawrence.  We went to Yello Sub (the original location where the Oread is now) and walked on campus, and I knew then that is where I was going to go to college.  That March we lost to Arizona in the Sweet 16, and I remember hysterically crying. At that point, I knew I was a Jayhawk.

Describe your perfect day in Lawrence.
My perfect day would be a beautiful spring day and I’d spend the entire day hanging out on campus watching people and walking up and down Mass street going to all my favorite spots. Also, throw in a home basketball game that night and it truly is the perfect day.

What’s the most important piece of advice you give prospective students?
KU provides so many amazing opportunities to our students.  I encourage all the prospective students to really follow their passions and get involved on campus.  There is always something for everyone, and I wish I would have taken more advantage of all the unique opportunities that a college campus has to offer.

How do you show your Jayhawk pride?
I show my KU pride by staying active with the university, and by trying to get everybody around me to love the Jayhawks as well.  Nothing is better than when you run into somebody on the street in Jayhawk gear and exchanging “Rock Chalk”.

Tell us about your involvement with your local Alumni Association chapter and describe how this network can help prospective/current students.
I would encourage all students to get involved with the Alumni Association. I moved to New York City 6 years ago and didn’t know anybody, and I met so many great friends through events thrown by the association. It’s also a great way for current students to network for internships and jobs after graduation.

How does your KU degree help you in your career and daily life?
I majored in Strategic Communications through the William Allen White School of Journalism. My degree assisted me in being able to create a message for my prospective audience and how to convey it successfully. I feel that the capability to communicate is harder than people realize, and the School of Journalism made the process simple.

Click here to visit Paige’s page on the Office of Admissions website, which includes her recruitment territories and school visit schedule. Contact Paige at 785.550.5984 or by email at

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