Michigan boy wears his KU pride on his sleeves every day for a year

Posted on Jul 10, 2013 in Alumni News and News

His parents are both KU alumni, and the family has always embraced Jayhawk fandom, flying crimson-and-blue flags from the porch of their home in Grand Rapids, Mich., as well as on the mast of their sailboat and at their vacation cabin. But sometime last summer, around the time he turned 11, Ben Kastner, the youngest of four children of Brian, m’96, and Gina Defeo Kastner, n’89, decided it was time to take it up a notch.

Ben Kastner (photo courtesy Gina Kastner | www.kualumni.org“I liked Kansas a little before, and then I started really liking them and I wanted everyone to know I liked them,” Ben explains. “If people don’t know me and they don’t know I like Kansas, then if they see me wearing a Kansas shirt then they’ll know. They’ll know I’m that one kid who likes Kansas.”

So Ben announced that, as of Sept. 12, 2012, he would wear a Jayhawk T-shirt every single day, without exception, for an entire year, along with as much other KU attire as he could manage–shorts, sweatshirt, even crimson-and-blue shoes. “It’s not just a T-shirt,” Gina Kastner says. “He thinks KU colors.”

Ben has stuck with his commitment, and is now called “Kansas” by friends at school and at his basketball and football camps.

“Kansas is, like, the best thing ever,” Ben says. “So I really wanted to do it. I made sure I wore a Kansas shirt every day.”

Living in Grand Rapids, Ben is surrounded by Michigan fans. He groans when reminded of the Jayhawks’ painful overtime loss to the Wolverines in the NCAA Tournament. “It was terrible,” he says. “I was really upset.”

But his KU dedication never wavered. Ben still plans to one day attend KU–”Yes!” he exclaims, when asked whether he’ll come to Mount Oread for college–and he fervently hopes that his family will make a trip to Lawrence during next winter’s basketball season so he can attend his first game in Allen Field House.

“I like being the kid who likes that one team that nobody else really cares about,” Ben says. “It’s really awesome.”

Ben Kastner (photo courtesy of Gina Kastner) | www.kualumni.orgGina Kastner says that although it might be natural to suspect that an 11-year-old boy would eventually lose enthusiasm for any yearlong commitment that requires daily follow-through, she and her husband had already observed that Ben tended to be focused and determined.

“It has done nothing but gain strength,” she says of her son’s KU quest. “He was just bound and determined to be the best KU fan in Michigan. It’s his identity. It lights his fire.”

Gina concedes that she was nearly the reason that Ben’s streak could have crashed to an early ending: The family last year hosted two Mexican exchange students, and their mother sent along Mexican soccer jerseys as gifts for the Kastner kids; when Gina insisted that they all line up wearing the new shirts for a photograph to be sent to Mexico, Ben complied only after insisting that he had to wear a KU shirt underneath.

“And of course in the picture,” Gina says with a laugh, “he’s lifting up the jersey so the Jayhawk shows. He said, ‘Mom, people need to know that I am a Jayhawk fan and I’m doing what I said I would do and I’m not going back on it.'”

Rock Chalk, Ben. You are most definitely part of the Jayhawk flock.

–Chris Lazzarino

Ben probably didn’t know that Sept. 12, the day he took his vow, is KU’s “birthday”– the first day of classes was Sept. 12, 1866. Clearly, he’s destined to be a Jayhawk. Click here to see more photos of Ben in Jayhawk gear, or watch the slideshow below. Photos courtesy of Gina Kastner.

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