Phog the dog’s big adventure on campus

Posted on Nov 18, 2016 in Alumni News and News

Phog the dog's big adventure | photos courtesy of Pat Sullivan
A few years ago, Pat Sullivan was attending a baseball game at Fenway, sporting Jayhawk gear, when a Red Sox fan asked why he wasn’t showing allegiance to the home team instead.

Sullivan’s response? “I’m KU’s biggest fan, and it’s my responsibility to represent my ‘Hawks wherever I go.”

And represent he does. Sullivan, j’92, is prolific on the social networking site Twitter and frequently posts pictures from his travels around the country that demonstrate how he spreads Jayhawk spirit wherever he goes. (This one was featured in the August issue of our member e-newsletter.)

Sullivan is such a die-hard Jayhawk fan that his basement was featured in a Lawrence Journal-World article about KU rooms—his basement includes paraphernalia like a putting green painted like the KU football field; cutout heads of the 2008 national championship basketball team, plus Dick Vitale and Max Falkenstien; and tickets from all the games he has attended.

That wasn’t the only mention of the superfan by the local paper. After his oldest daughter Bailey, a standout distance runner at Free State High School, completed her senior season, she told the reporter that her dad’s love of KU presented a small conflict with her future college plans to compete at Texas Christian University: “He’s refusing to wear purple so far.”

But there’s one member of the Sullivan family who had not yet been exposed to the University of Kansas campus: the dog. Naturally, their favorite four-legged friend is named Phog Allen Fieldhouse. To commemorate the beginning of Homecoming week this year, Sullivan introduced Phog to “the sights and sounds of the greatest university.”

“While it’s true that dogs have a keen senses of smell, sight, hearing and taste, Phog has something more than that,” according to Sullivan. “He is also blessed with a keen sense of tradition, pride and respect—rare qualities indeed, but ones that are unique to those proud enough to call KU ‘home.'”

Check out Phog’s big adventure on campus below.

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