Posted on Jul 16, 2014 in Alumni News and News

Deciphering personalized license plates is a favorite summer road trip game, and Jayhawk fans are some of the best at creating short messages to show their spirit on the road.

Proud member Jason Bryan, c’92, recently sent us a photo that shows how he displays his KU pride in Iowa.

“As a Des Moines area resident, I’m vastly outnumbered by Cyclones and Hawkeyes and tried to find a way to show my allegiance to my alma mater. Since I can’t have KU plates like Kansas residents, I’ve done the next best thing—personalized my Iowa plates with KU flavor.”

Jason’s car is on the left, and any KU fan should be able to decipher the message on its plate. He also has KU plates on his appropriately KU blue motorcycle.

On the right is his wife Danielle’s car, which requires a bit more explanation. “She happens to have her doctorate from the University of Iowa,” Jason explained. “However, she is now a strong supporter of KU nation and hence her mutual allegiance to the Jayhawks and Hawkeyes.” Bravo to Danielle for her shared allegiance and for one of the more creative license plates we’ve seen.

No matter where one lives, Jayhawk pride can be displayed!

KU License Plates in Iowa

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