RedTire: Redefine your retirement

Posted on Nov 20, 2012 in Campus News, Career/Life, and News

The University of Kansas, through the KU Alumni Association and the School of Business, is proud to bring you a new program which will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to run your own business. Or if you’re a current business owner looking to retire we’ll help find a competent successor to own and run your business.

Here’s how RedTire works:

We’ll find businesses which are essential to the economy and society of KS communities and match their need for successors to the existing management from alumni of KU. We’ll help you determine the fair market value of the business you wish to buy. We’ll then help the selected new management arrange for purchase financing and complete the transaction. Additionally, RedTire’s Board of Advisors, a group of highly skilled and experienced entrepreneurs, will help the new management team successfully run and grow the business.

We’re anxious to talk to you. If you’d like to run your own business or have a business and want to identify a successor or just want to learn more about the RedTire program please visit You may also express your eagerness to participate in the program by completing this short interest survey and our team at RedTire will get in touch with you.

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