Seeing triple at the airport

Posted on Apr 19, 2017 in Alumni News and News

Carol Ann Brown and sisters Gwen Adams and Susan Adams with matching Jayhawk tote bags
Carol Ann Brown, c’72, shared this fun story with us recently as a testament to why you should always travel with Jayhawk gear. Brown, a former member of the association’s national board of directors, is a Presidents Club and Life Member who resides in Virginia. Her two sisters, Gwen Adams, f’74, and Susan Adams, c’77, c’78, PhD’85, and their mother, Maurine Adams, c’45, are also Life Members of the KU Alumni Association.

Last Christmas, my mom gave me and my sisters identical KU tote bags with the 1912 Jayhawk logo plastered all over it.

Two weeks ago, Gwen, Susan, Clif and I left for a trip to Amsterdam and Brugge. Without any prior coordination, we all used the KU tote as our carry-on bag. We connected in Detroit, and the plane was almost completely boarded when one of the flight attendants made a rather urgent announcement over the PA that everyone had to get off the plane immediately and take all our stuff with us. Someone had found an unidentified bottle of liquid where it didn’t belong on the plane and they had to call security, the police and fire department—it turned out to be sugar water.

As we were all coming off the jet bridge, a lady saw Susan and me with our matching bags and asked if we were twins. We replied, “No, we’re triplets!” and had Gwen come stand with us. The lady loved the bags and asked to take our picture, and we all got a great laugh out of it.

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