Student Alumni Leadership Board: Maggie Zehren, vice president of legacy recruitment

Posted on May 3, 2013 in News

Student Alumni Leadership Board (SALB) members serve as the official student representatives and volunteers of the KU Alumni Association. Members also facilitate spirit functions, serve as campus ambassadors and organize community service projects. SALB is governed by eight executive board members, who have the opportunity to interact with some of the best student leaders, campus officials and alumni. This week’s profile features Maggie Zehren, an Olathe junior studying business administration and psychology. Maggie is SALB’s vice president of legacy recruitment.

What’s your favorite KU tradition or KU memory?

My favorite KU memory is learning the traditions and truly becoming part of the Jayhawk family. Growing up, I had no true affiliations or alliances to a particular university. Arriving at KU, I didn’t anticipate the degree to which I would become married to the traditions and the experience of being a Jayhawk. I am so grateful that I have, though, and I don’t think it would be fair to specify a favorite tradition because they’ve all been an important part of my experience at KU.

What do you think is KU’s best kept secret?

KU’s best kept secret, in my opinion, is the University Honors Program. The staff at the University Honors Program are some of the most helpful, supportive and nurturing people I have met at KU, and the faculty are top-notch professors, researchers and friends.

What other groups are you involved with, and how did you become involved with SALB?

I am currently involved as a University Core Curriculum Committee member, an assistant to the KU School of Business First Year Experience program, a University Honors Program Peer Mentor and Undergraduate Freshmen Seminar Assistant, and as the Treasurer of the Honors Program Student Council. I applied for SALB my freshman year at KU because I wanted to find a way to form a deeper connection with and get involved at the University as soon as possible. In looking through a list of the hundreds of organizations on campus, SAA and SALB seemed like a great way to do so.

Where’s your favorite place to study and favorite place to hangout in Lawrence?

My favorite place to study is my apartment; I’m a people-watcher so libraries actually distract me more than provide focus. I love to grab a cream cheese donut at Munchers or some Tad’s when hanging out with friends in Lawrence.

How many crunchy chicken cheddar wraps have you consumed since arriving on campus?

Although it’s not my go-to on campus meal, I estimate I’ve probably consumed at least 45 crunchy chicken cheddar wraps on campus.

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