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Posted on Feb 8, 2013 in Alumni News and News

Alan Williams is a die-hard Jayhawk fan, and his new wife Brayla gave him the perfect wedding gift: a KU-themed wedding.

Alan and Brayla first met 13 years ago through mutual friends. Two years ago, the timing was finally right and they became a couple. Alan, a passionate KU fan since he was six years old, successfully converted their son, Braxyn, from a fan of our rival school to the west to a KU fan. He brought Braxyn a KU hat as a gift, and now the young boy makes sure he’s always wearing Jayhawk apparel on game day.

The couple’s wedding date was moved up when Alan took a promotion, and they needed to plan a wedding quickly so they could move to Texas as a family. Brayla suggested a small, simple ceremony at home with a KU theme. “Everyone in our family conveniently already happened to be KU fans, so it was perfect!” Brayla said. Alan loved the idea, which is all that mattered to her.

The only missing link was their pastor. He had already agreed to do the wedding, and Brayla suddenly feared that he would be the one person who wasn’t a fan. As luck would have it, he also loves the Jayhawks (of course he does!) and even offered to let them use his church for the ceremony.

Brayla’s favorite wedding details were the handmade accessories her mother, Kathy Davis, created, especially the crimson and blue bouquet she still raves about. We love that the pastor wore a blue “Game Day Shirt” for the wedding.

Everyone at the wedding wore jeans and KU shirts, including the bride. And the best part about the relaxed theme? “Every time I wear that KU shirt or hoodie, I remind Alan that I’m wearing my wedding dress and he needs to take me somewhere nice!”

Alan and Brayla’s Jayhawk family includes his brother Eric Williams, j’07, c’12, and sister-in-law Anne Williams, s’07; and her sister Brea Smith, c’02, and aunt Mylea Charvat, c’02.

Congratulations to Alan, Brayla and Braxyn!

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