UDK April Fool’s edition

Posted on Apr 1, 2014 in Campus News and News

UDK_aprilfoolsSomething seemed amiss.

Nothing was out of the ordinary with the look and feel of today’s University Daily Kansan, until you looked at the headlines.

University to charge for Wi-Fi in Fall 2014

KU to turn libraries into casinos to help grades

‘House of Cards’ inspires murder on Wescoe Beach

A quick turn to the sports section revealed similarly suspicious stories.

Smart Decision: Marcus Smart transfers to Kansas

Commentary: Soft schedule to blame for tournament loss

 Allen Fieldhouse to be demolished

Okay, okay. I get it, April Fool’s. Sure enough, upon closer inspection, the real edition of today’s UDK was found inside a separate parody edition conspicuously disguised as the “IDK” (for the non-texting generation, an abbreviation for “I don’t know”). The joke was executed with impressive attention to detail, including faux horoscopes (Leo: Today is a 6. I dare you to go streaking down Jayhawk Boulevard. Literally, I triple-dog dare you. If you complete this challenge, your day will be a 100) and weather forecasts (Today: High 88, Low -15. Chance of snow, thunderstorms and tornadoes). After speaking with Kansan Sales & Marketing Advisor Jon Schlitt, the gag was confirmed to be the idea of the student-run newspaper staff, including Associate Web Editor Will Weber and Editor-in-Chief Katie Kutsko.

Kutsko reluctantly brought the idea up in a meeting about a week ago, and it was quickly embraced by the students. According to Schlitt, everyone agreed that it had to strike the right tone, and after several revisions the issue was delivered to an unsuspecting student body. Surely, alumni can’t recall such hijinx when they were at KU, but if so, our news tip hotline stands ready: share@kualumni.org. The complete issue is embedded below, or you can click on the image above to view an online archive of the parody edition and other editions of the University Daily Kansan.

April Fool’s by The University Daily Kansan

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