Unconventional career advice for new grads

Posted on May 18, 2013 in Career/Life and News

kucareerhawkOur partners at the University Career Center provide excellent career advice and counsel to new KU graduates entering the workforce. Most of this advice is the timeless, tried-and-true sort of advice you’d expect, such as following up with thank you notes, dressing the part, etc. However, they also share unconventional tips relevant to today’s job market and the millennial generation, such as this article they recently shared via Twitter (@kucareer) from Forbes.

“A seasoned employee knows the keys to workplace success include showing up early, staying late, dressing well, and seeking out mentors. This advice can be called the ‘No-Duh Guide to Corporate Ascendancy.’”

The article polled seasoned professionals, asking for nontraditional tips that actually helped their own careers, including suggestions like joining the nicest health club you can afford and working out at the crack of dawn (the only time many top executives can fit in a workout). Networking off-site takes time, but those connections can advance your career. Other tips included reading the Wall Street Journal daily to stay conversant on current events, maintaining a separate (if necessary) professional identity on social media sites, as well as this gem:

Embrace old-school tactics. One sad truth is that many Millennials exhibit poor manners. They text message at work and push the level of tolerance when it comes to casual dress code policies. Stand out from the crowd by being polished and respectful. Email thank you notes are fine, but always send hand-written cards to as many people as possible.

You can read more of the article at Forbes.com and visit the University Career Center online at kucareerhawk.com. Interested in more career advice? Check out these posts in our Career/Life category.

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