Vote for your favorite Jayhawk: Results

Posted on Jan 12, 2015 in Alumni News and News

At the end of 2014, we asked alumni to vote for their favorite Jayhawk online, with a promise to share the results in early 2015. Well, the votes have all been tabulated, and we’re ready to reveal your favorite. More than 1,000 votes were recorded by KU alumni from all around the world in a contest that came down to the final week, with almost half of the Jayhawk variations leading the vote total at one point or another. In the end, one bird soared above the rest, earning 27% of the total. Without further ado, the winner is…

jhawk1941_3C_RF1941 “Fighting Jayhawk” by Yogi Williams
In 1941, a student named Eugene “Yogi” Williams created a version of the Jayhawk that was much more animated than his 1929 predecessor. Williams, who worked as a cartoonist for the University Daily Kansan, the Jayhawker and the Sour Owl, made a more aggressive Jayhawk that quickly gained favor as America plunged into World War II. The newly adopted “Fighting Jayhawk” served KU during wartime but was soon replaced after the war by Hal Sandy’s happier, smiling Jayhawk that reflected the national mood. Although the Fighting Jayhawk had the second-shortest tenure among all of KU’s historic ‘hawks, alumni voted it their favorite.

According to the KU Office of Trademark Licensing, the popularity of the Fighting Jayhawk shouldn’t come as a surprise. It has proven to be a favorite of fans and alumni alike, based on retail sales. Next to the current Jayhawk, the 1941 “Fighting Jayhawk” appears on more merchandise sold at the register, followed by another fan favorite; the 1912 Jayhawk designed by Henry Maloy.

How did your favorite Jayhawk fare? Check out the final results below, and thank you to all of the proud Jayhawks who voted!

1. 1941 Jayhawk (27%)
2. 1912 Jayhawk (25%)
3. Current Jayhawk (24%)
4. 1946 Jayhawk (15%)
5. 1923 Jayhawk (5%)
6. 1929 Jayhawk (3%)
7. 1920 Jayhawk (1%)

– David Johnston

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