America’s Best Steaks

Dry-Aged to Perfection There’s a reason why these steaks are a cut above all the rest. America’s Best Steaks from Kansas are made by a small group of Kansas beef producers committed to providing the most naturally tender, juicy and flavorful beef steak possible. Using the lost art of quality dry-aging, America’s Best Steaks use only the highest quality Black Angus beef. Why Dry-Aging? While some producers claim their beef is dry-aged, few products on the market are cured for more than a week. Our steaks are cured by experienced practitioners using techniques handed down through generations. America’s Best Steaks from Kansas are dry-aged in special lockers for up to six weeks. The length of dry-aging is important. A piece of beef that has cured only seven days does not develop the full flavor and tenderness that a six-week process provides. Aging produces beef that is naturally tender and flavorful. Nothing the cook does in the kitchen to add flavor is a substitute for starting properly with quality aged meat. After about three weeks of dry-aging, beef reaches its peak tenderness. Beyond three weeks, the flavor continues to develop into a deep, rich taste with nuances of butter and roasted nuts.

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