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Japan Land of Cultural Treasures | Flying jayhawks

Japan ~ Land of Cultural Treasures

March 31-April 11, 2022

Travel provider: AHI International

Japan’s imperial past and modern wonders are yours to enjoy on this 10-night journey to one of the world’s most culturally rich destinations. 

From Tokyo to Hakone, Kanazawa and Kyoto, we’ll connect you with Japan’s distinctive heritage as reflected in its elegance and timeless traditions. Each day offers new opportunities to savor divine cuisine, chat with gracious locals and broaden your understanding of Japan’s unique culture, rituals and history. 

Be dazzled by Tokyo’s Ginza district and witness Mount Fuji, a spiritual symbol recognized around the world. Ride on the lightning-fast Shinkansen and pause in the quietude of Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and exquisitely designed gardens. 

Whether unraveling ancient history in Kyoto, browsing Kanazawa’s well-preserved geisha districts or taking part in a time-honored tea ceremony, every slice of Japan will leave you delighted. 

This small-group adventure features deluxe accommodations and an extensive meal plan.  

Japan | Flying jayhawks

Day 1 – Depart gateway city

Day 2 – Arrive in Tokyo and transfer to hotel

Day 3 – Tokyo

Day 4 – Tokyo

Day 5 – Mount Fuji | Hakone

Day 6 – Lake Ashi | Hakone

Day 7 – Kanazawa

Day 8 – Kanazawa

Day 9 – Komatsu | Kyoto

Day 10 – Kyoto

Day 11 – Kyoto

Day 12 – Transfer to Osaka airport and depart for gateway city

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