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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a Jayhawk license plate?

Anyone who loves KU! You do not have to be a KU Alumni Association member or a graduate of KU in order to put a Jayhawk license plate on your car.

Help us enhance visibility for the university by creating rolling billboards across the state of Kansas.

There’s no better way to show your Crimson and Blue pride on the open road than by displaying a KU license plate on your car.

How do I obtain a new Jayhawk license plate or renew my current one?

It takes just a few steps to complete your purchase for a new plate at your county treasurer’s office, or, for Johnson County residents, at the DMV. Renewing your plate can be done at your county treasurer’s office or online.

How do you use my license plate contribution?

Proceeds from the University of Kansas License Plate program will help support scholarships for Kansas students and fund the Jayhawk Career Network.

The Jayhawk Career Network offers robust career tools for alumni and students including networking events, KU mentoring, job opportunities, career newsletters, and so much more. Visit for more information.

What about plates in other states?

Jayhawk license plates are also available in Maryland and Texas.

What vehicles qualify for a Jayhawk license tag?

The KU license plate can be used on your passenger motor vehicle, motorcycle, recreation vehicle (RV), or non-commercial truck.

When should I purchase a plate?

You may purchase a Jayhawk license plate at any time. However, to avoid paying a contribution twice in one year, the best time to purchase a plate is during your annual tag renewal process.

Can I request a special name or number?

The Kansas legislation authorizing university plates does not provide for personalization of tags with words or phrases. Tag numbers are randomly issued.

What is the renewal schedule?

Kansans renew their license plates during certain months that are assigned according to the first letter of last names. However, you may register for a new KU license plate at any time during the calendar year.

How do I transfer my license plate to another vehicle?

If you purchase or lease a different vehicle, your KU license plate may be transferred to your new vehicle in most cases.  Transfers are handled directly at your county treasurer’s office.

When will I receive a receipt for my license plate contribution?

Your license plate donation is 100% tax deductible as a charitable contribution. When the alumni association receives notification of your purchase or renewal, we will send a charitable receipt acknowledging your gift.

More questions?

Contact our License Plate Administrator, Julie Lowrance, at for more information.


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