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About Us

Mission Statement

We build lifelong relationships that strengthen the University of Kansas and the legacy of excellence embodied by its students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends.

Vision Statement

The KU Alumni Association is a trusted, strategic partner in advancing the mission of the University of Kansas by uniting a global network of Jayhawks and increasing the value of KU degrees.



KU students, alumni, faculty staff and friends take special pride in what it means to be a Jayhawk. We celebrate the achievements of KU and one another.


Shared KU experiences motivate us to preserve, protect and perpetuate unique, timeless traditions.


Students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends connect through their shared passion to support KU and fellow Jayhawks throughout every life stage.


Loyal Jayhawks help build upon KU’s legacy of excellence through service, support and generosity to KU in personally meaningful ways.

Our Commitments

Through the support of dues-paying members, donors and friends, the KU Alumni Association creates positive impact for the University of Kansas in five ways: We Advocate, Communicate, Recruit, Serve and Unite Jayhawks.

Why Join?

Your membership in the KU Alumni Association is the single most powerful way to make all of KU stronger, including the value of your own degree. Through your membership, the Association:

Alumni Records

The Alumni Association is the sole guardian of alumni records for the University of Kansas and houses biographical information on 347,681 active alumni. These records comprise 195,821 residents of Kansas, 147,441 residents of other states and 5,556 residents for foreign countries. Association members can locate an alumnus in the Online Directory.