KU 150 Puzzle

KU 150 Calendar

Think you know KU?

Try your hand at our newest crossword puzzle, featuring fun facts from the past 150 years of KU history.

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KU 150 Puzzle


2. Chancellor 1981-1994
5. Oldest continuously used academic structure on campus dedicated in 1890
7. Auditorium struck by lightning in 1991
9. Campus hospital officially opened in 1932
10. Played his first football game in 1962 and became known as “The Kansas Comet”
13. First day of classes was _____ 12, 1866
15. Field House dedicated in 1955
18. Campus water feature constructed in 1911
19. Chapel dedicated in 1946
20. She set KU on a path toward Bold Aspirations
22. First KU alumnus to win a Pulitzer Prize in 1923
24. Father of basketball and began his KU career in 1898
25. First KU football field in 1892
27. Cemetery acquired by KU Endowment in 1953
28. First college daily newspaper in the Sunflower State
29. Alumni Center opened in 1983 to celebrate KU Alumni Association centennial
30. Professor who first proposed “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk” yell in 1886
31. Campus where Regents Center was first building to open in 1992


1. Won 10,000 meter run and Olympic Gold in 1964
3. Returned from Arctic expedition in 1895 with 4,000 specimens that were beginnings of Panorama display
4. Event alumni returned to Hill for the first time Nov. 23, 1912
6. First elected chancellor in 1865
8. Dedicated in 1951 to the 277 KU men and women who gave their lives in World War II
10. Museum of Art opened in 1978
11. Chancellor 1867-1874; Hall renamed to honor him as the building’s champion in 1897
12. Became new official KU Chancellor’s residence in 1939
14. First alumnus and native Kansan inaugurated as KU’s eighth chancellor in 1939
16. School that officially opened in 1905 at Bell Memorial in Rosedale, Kansas
17. Library opened in 1924
21. KU’s performance arts center opened to public in 1993
23. Chancellor 1995-2009
26. First radio station to make inaugural broadcast in 1924

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