KU Traditions Puzzle


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KU Traditions Puzzle


1. Spring track and field event, Kansas _____
5. Largest student dormitory, soon to be replaced
6. Walk down The _____
10 Symbolizes Mount Oread’s limestone formations
15. Two flags fly atop
16. Father of basketball coaching
17. All but the facade burned after a lightning strike
18. Famous Friday afternoon hangout
19. Place to take a birthday dip
21. _____ Ballpark
22. _____ Memorial Health Center
25. Home to University Administration
26. Two-acre water feature constructed in 1911
27. Place to pick up a 7-10 split
29. KU colors
30. _____ Gymnasium
31. Inventor of basketball


1. Campus wide variety show, Rock Chalk _____
2. Represents a powerful Jayhawk network
3. Place for KU graduates to say “I do”
4. The loudest and most tradition rich barn in college basketball
6. _____ to old KU
7. Natural _____ Museum
8. Main road through campus, Jayhawk _____
9. World War II Memorial
11. University _____ Kansan
12. Dedicated to KU students who fought and died in World War I
13. _____ and the Miracles
14. Touchdown tradition and when opponent fouls out
20. Mount _____
23. Place to get lost in the stacks
24. Far above the _____ valley
28. Houses the School of Education

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