Superior Steaks

Dry-Aged to Perfection

Superb Quality

There’s a reason why these steaks are a cut above all the rest. Superior Steaks from Kansas, brought to you by the KU Alumni Association, are made by a small group of Kansas beef producers committed to providing the most naturally tender, juicy and flavorful beef steak possible. Using the lost art of quality dry-aging, Superior Steaks use only the highest quality Black Angus beef.

Why Dry-Aging?

While some producers claim their beef is dry-aged, few products on the market are cured for more than a week. Our steaks are cured by experienced practitioners using techniques handed down through generations. Superior Steaks from Kansas are dry-aged in special lockers for up to six weeks. The length of dry-aging is important. A piece of beef that has cured only seven days does not develop the full flavor and tenderness that a six-week process provides.

Aging produces beef that is naturally tender and flavorful. Nothing the cook does in the kitchen to add flavor is a substitute for starting properly with quality aged meat. After about three weeks of dry- aging, beef reaches its peak tenderness. Beyond three weeks, the flavor continues to develop into a deep, rich taste with nuances of butter and roasted nuts.


All cuts are closely trimmed and cut to a perfect-for-grilling 1 – 1-1/4 inch thickness
– Sirloin Steak Center Cut –  This robust cut of meat may benefit most from dry-aging. With less marbling than other steaks, the aging process adds a buttery, bold taste and tenderness that makes this steak one of the house favorites.
– KC Strip Steak –  Juicy, hearty and full-flavored describes this moderately marbled steak, cut from the center of the loin and dry-aged to perfection for your enjoyment.
– Ribeye Steak –  The flavorful marbling remaining after dry-aging this ‘eye’ of the prime rib, creates an incredibly tasty and memorable dining experience. Simply can’t go wrong with this cut. WOW!
– Ribeye Bone-In Cowboy Cut –  Long a favorite of restaurants because of its rich flavor and intense marbling, this dry-aged ribeye is sure to please any beef eater. Yes, it’s okay to chew on the bone! This is a real man’s steak!
– T-Bone Steak –  Two dry-aged to perfection steaks in one cut! The most delicate of filets paired with the robustly flavored K.C. Strip – with the added bonus of the delectable bone to chew in the middle. Dandy!
– Filet Mignon Steak –  Fork-tender and subtly flavored meat from the ‘short’ side of the T-bone, the filet is a treat in itself. Aged to perfection this is the queen of steaks – sure to melt in your mouth. Mmmm . . . Good!

2nd and 3rd package discount

Purchase 2nd and 3rd packages, sent to the same address and receive discount pricing. For more than 3 packages, call for more discount pricing. Mix and Match. Must select at least one package above to qualify for additional packages discounts. Free Shipping.

Product Being Shipped

Because steaks are perishable, extra-special care is taken in shipping steaks to their final destinations. Your steaks will arrive individually vacuum-sealed and flash frozen, packed in KU gift boxes, placed in a reusable Styrofoam shipping cooler with dry ice and shipped out via UPS.

A Reminder

When you are sending steaks as a gift, please inform the recipient of the approaching delivery. Packages are delivered via UPS without requiring a signature. This prevents packages from being returned to the terminal and spoiling. The KU Alumni Association cannot be responsible for packages that are delivered to gift recipients that you have not notified.

Please read our  Steak F.A.Q  before ordering.


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