A Story About KU vs. K-State, or How Dave Got A Scar On His Forehead

Posted on Feb 24, 2015 in News and Sports

David Johanning, f’94, was a member of KU’s basketball team from 1990-92, although these days he is arguably more recognizable as the managing partner and longtime bartender at The Sandbar, a downtown Lawrence dive bar popular with college students and KU alumni. Unfortunately, Dave’s famous face was bloodied one year when the Jayhawks played in Manhattan. After last night’s loss and controversial court-storming by fans in Manhattan, he agreed to share his tale, originally posted on the Sandbar’s website, with KU alumni. Dave is also married to Debbi Johanning, digital media content manager for the KU Alumni Association. If you have a favorite Manhattan memory, you can share it with us at share@kualumni.org. –David Johnston

The Sunflower Showdown is always a heated rivalry, and Dave’s playing days more than twenty years ago were no exception. One year, however, Dave came home with more than a win.

David Johanning after KU vs. Kansas State game | www.kualumni.org“I can’t remember if it was ’91 or ’92, but I think it was my junior year. We won the game, and afterwards the students started throwing crap at the court. I got hit on the forehead with something—to this day, I don’t know what it was. Maybe a quarter, a piece of ice…who knows.

Anyway, my forehead had a bleeding gash on it, and Coach Williams actually told the trainer not to fix it up right away. He wanted the media and everyone else to see the blood on my face so they wouldn’t minimize the whole incident.

Of course the trainer fixed it before too long, but at least there were a few pictures of it, to prove I really did get hit. There’s still a small scar on my forehead from it.

I think someone else, maybe Rex Walters, got hit with something the next year.”

This picture of Dave with his young cousin, who grew up in Manhattan and later attended Kansas State, was taken shortly after the game.

Read the original post on The Sandbar’s website.

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